The Gilded Age Quiz

The Gilded Age Quiz

While economics is an unpredictable field, there are still a number of guiding principles and rules that help to define some of the trends of certain economic powers. In America, the nation’s largely lax view on economic regulation throughout the ages has made its economy quite volatile.

Sudden changes in the market have major ripples throughout every sector of the American economy. This has led to periods of great booming prosperity and desperate periods of crisis. Strangely, sometimes both of these qualities were able to happen at the same time.

The Gilded Age was a period of America’s history which saw unprecedented booms in the country’s economic sector. Yet, it was an age where the average American citizen was struggling to get by. While the rich were amassing astounding fortunes, poverty was quite common among their lowest ranking employees. This inspired the name for this time period being the Gilded Age.

Although it seemed golden in terms of how much wealth and new jobs were being created, beneath that surface was an ugly reality. The Gilded Age lasted for much of the Late 19th Century, and it majorly impacted how Americans viewed economic policy going forward. This was an age of legendary figures, crooked politics, and a serious debate about the future of the American project.

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