The Hundred Years’ War Quiz

The Hundred Years’ War Quiz

Europe’s many powers have had an unfortunate history of conflict. Even though many of the kingdoms and empires of old Europe shared similar roots, time divided values and cultures in a way that placed former allies against one another. What’s more, the proximity of Europe’s powers has led to a number of disagreements throughout the course of history. Everything from border disputes to religious differences can stoke the flames of war when neighbors act contentiously with one another.

The Hundred Years’ War was one of the most influential armed conflicts of western Europe’s history. We can look back upon this vast war and see a picture that helps clarify a few of the power structures that would go on to define European politics in the centuries that followed. In that regard, we can view The Hundred Year’s War as the opening of a new chapter of European history. At the same time, this war closed out one period of contention only to manifest another one.

Beyond the tragic bloodshed that defined The Hundred Year’s War, the conflict also caused havoc in the domestic sectors of the participating states. After all, it is difficult to keep up with food production when you are sending all of your farmers to die for the crown. Heroes and villains arose throughout the course of the Hundred Years’ War.

As much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new.

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