The Kennedy Family

The Kennedy family relaxing with the family pets.

kennedy family

Here is a glimpse back in a time of happiness before the tragedy struck. The family you see before you is of course the Kennedys, the wife and children of President John F. Kennedy. Now while the Kennedy family was considered the “it” family of American Politics back in the fifties and sixties, after the deaths of Robert and John, they have become quite shrouded and not nearly as prominent in the history books as one would’ve expected.

We still remember JFK because he was a very influential man who met an unfortunate demise, but what of the children he left behind? He and his wife Jacqueline had three children together, the eldest two of whom are photographed before you.

Their first child was a daughter born in 1957 named Caroline. Caroline followed in her father’s footsteps by becoming an attorney and politician. She actually is still in the political sphere as the active ambassador to Japan.

Their second born is John F. Kennedy Jr. This young man also became a lawyer. He even went so far as to become the assistant District Attorney of the city of New York. John Jr. would also meet a grisly end after dying in a plane crash.

The third child, named Patrick Kennedy died only two days after his birth. The picture was taken a year later in 1964 after the family had finally come to terms with the loss and moved on. Unfortunately, soon after this moment of joy would be followed by the death of JFK himself.