The Ladies of Auschwitz

The Ladies of Auschwitz.

ladies of auschwitz

Although we often associate the Nazi Party with the stereotypical blond hair and blue eyes man standing tall in a line dressed up in a uniform complete with that swastika armband, there were also a good number of women involved with the evil Nazi Party of Germany. The picture shows a group of guards and administrators from Auschwitz. That’s right, these young ladies were involved in the most lethal death camp in the Holocaust.

When the Nazis were in power, there was a general policy of keeping women restrained as spouses. The only work they were allowed to do was light clerical work, such as teaching. As time went on, however, with the lack of manpower the war was creating, women were beginning to be recruited to jobs of a little more importance. One such position was guard for the many camps throughout the country.

Despite the fact that the government had continuously kept these jobs away from them for years, the male guards were forced to treat the incoming women with the same respect they would show their male associates. An estimated 3,700 women were hired to act as guards during this time. Most of them were teachers or housewives but were just working for supplemental income.

Once the Holocaust was finally finished, the Nuremberg Trials were set up to convict those involved. Most of the female guards were able to escape trial because they weren’t officially allowed to be a part of the Nazi Party. This meant they couldn’t be tried under this court and many were never tried in a different court.