The Marx Brothers Quiz

The Marx Brothers Quiz.

Hollywood was originally built upon the talents of a number of passionate individuals. In those early days, the pioneers who founded the movie industry were largely those who migrated from other art forms. For example, a large number of early movie star comedians and musicians got their starts in Vaudeville. Both of these talents translated to the big screen particularly well. The Marx Brothers were some of the stars who helped to define the tropes of early comedy.

What’s more, each of them had a unique set of skills that meshed well to create a truly dynamite group of entertainers. Growing up in America, the Marx Brothers were exposed to the glamor of performance from multiple different angles. This inspired them to pursue stardom themselves. Each one nurtured a different collection of skills and styles that they hoped would help them stand out from the pack. But what really set the Marx Brothers apart was their fantastic chemistry with one another.

Even while each member of the group had their own role to fill, they still actively supported one another in a way that was evidence of their shared upbringing. This chemistry allowed the Marx Brothers to excel as a comedy act. The movies that they made and the shows they produced all possessed an unmistakable back-handed sense of comedy which emphasized the absurd through verbal jousts and surreal visual gags. Today, they are remembered as some of America’s most influential comic pioneers.

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