The Rock & Rocky

The Rock and his Father.

the rock and his father

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has quickly become one of the most famous actors in American cinema throughout the last ten years. Despite this, his origins beyond his days of wrestling remain quite shrouded in mystery. His father was actually one of the largest influences on his life, but is not often recognized as so.

This picture shows these two as the young Dwayne poses with his father, Rocky Johnson, after he won a wrestling match. Indeed, Rocky was the first wrestler in the family and trained his son to do the same. It was through tireless training that Rocky was able to get his young son in fighting condition. Dwayne adopted the nickname “The Rock” as a tribute to the man who trained him to wrestle.

Dwayne actually focused more on a promising football career during his years in college and was even a part of the Miami Hurricanes National Championship Team in 1991. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in criminology, it was here he begin his training to follow in the family legacy of professional wrestling. In 1996, he joined the W.W.F. under the name Rocky Maviva and was popular for his skills and arrogant stage personality. Shortly afterward, he changed his stage name to just “The Rock” and also dubbed himself as “The People’s Champ.”

After a massively successful career in the ring, Johnson turned to the film industry, slowly rising to prominence because of his natural talent and strength. Johnson is even a bigger star today than when he wrestled.  In 2016 he was voted “The Sexiest Man Alive” by People magazine. The Rock is also a well-known philanthropist and for being incredibly nice to his fans and for military personnel.