The Space Age Quiz

The Space Age Quiz.

Mankind’s fascination with the stars produced some of the most fascinating scientific discoveries of history. Even since the time of prehistory, many cultures have included notions of the heavens within their cultures or mythological pantheons.

However, in the mid 1900’s, human science finally managed to catch up with the human desire to truly explore the cosmos. Even in this field of scientific discovery, factions formed in order to commodify the discoveries of this radical new age. This turned the space age into a competition between very powerful forces.

Many point to this fact as if it discredits the glory of mankind’s voyages into the jaws of space, but, in spite of the occasionally dubious methods of the space programs at the time, the progress they made cannot be argued against. Leading the charge in the name of the righteous pursuit of knowledge, a number of heroes arose whose names have remained carved in the face of history.

These heroes knew of the potential danger of this quest, but they continued on with their quest in the name of discovery. Furthermore, the space age housed a number of daring missions which captured the imaginations of people the world over.

Now, though the space age has passed us by, we continue to reap benefits from the bounty this era provided us. It stands as a testament to mankind’s nearly suicidal dedication to eternally push the boundaries of our understanding.

How much do you know about this iconic historical period? Take our Space Age Quiz to find out.

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