Tupac And Selena

Tupac and Selena – Gone but not forgotten.

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tupac and selena

This photograph shows a pose being taken by two of the nineties’ biggest musical acts. The gentleman is none other than rapper Tupac Shakur and the lady is the Queen of Tejano herself, Selena. Throughout the 1990’s, there was a large emphasis on different varieties of music becoming popular and breaking through into the mainstream.

Although Hip Hop and Latin music did have a niche in America before the nineties, they were just niches. However, thanks to these two artists, their genres gained true acceptance from audiences of the time. Tupac was a young man who grew up in Harlem engrossing himself in the culture of the center of African American Art.

In the middle of high school, however, he and his family started moving around and he began attending various different schools. He was an avid performer in drama and loved to compete in local rap competitions. He very much enjoyed the rap and beat boxing and turned that into his career, releasing a few albums and songs to critical acclaim. Much of his fame came with the forming of Thug Life with some fellow rappers. Shakur would die in a drive-by shooting in 1996 at the height of his fame.

Selena was the child of poor Mexican-Americans who had difficulty scraping by. With the discovery of her excellent musical ability, Selena began performing at a young age to help support her family. Rather quickly, she was discovered buy record labels who offered to make her a star. Her vibrant style of music, called Tejano, helped her to stand out with a Latin sound to her songs. She would go on to have a very successful career until she was murdered by her best friend in 1995.

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