Vietnam War Quiz

The Vietnam War Quiz.

It was a war that shaped a generation. Even more than that, it was a war that disillusioned many as to the virtue of warfare in the first place. While the First World War was one of the first mass awakenings of the citizenry to the proper horrors of war.

Before, many thought of war as a virtuous lace where men tested their mettles against one another in honorable combat. The First World War and later the Vietnam War showed just how savage the act of war was inherently. Even if there were good causes worth fighting for, the process of that fight would leave many lost lives on the battlefield and many broken hearts back on the home front. At the same time, Vietnam was the proving ground for many heroes. It took genuine valor to march through a land where enemies abounded. However, many returned home not to cheers applauding their courage, but rather to jeers and protests making light of their sacrifices. After enduring one of the most brutal wars America had ever participated in, these veterans returned home without being given their due. That is the inspiration behind this quiz.

While the purpose of all of our quizzes are to inform and entertain, this one is special. To all servicemen who participated in this war, we want to thank you profusely for your participation in this war. At the same time, we acknowledge that many veterans do not want to be reminded of this war. As such, we must advise caution before taking this quiz. We will not allow this to be a forgotten war for the sake of the veterans.

Having said that, we invite you to take our Vietnam War Quiz to test your knowledge of this pivotal period in American history.

Good Luck taking the Vietnam War Quiz!