Vincent van Gogh Quiz

The Vincent van Gogh Quiz.

Art is often intertwined with history. In the works of music, literature, and even painting, w can often see reflected the values and fears of an age. This is why history and art are so often tied together. Today, we are examining one of history’s most peculiar artists.

Van Gogh lived a tragic life. At its end, he died a tragic death. In between hose two events, he created some of the most iconic works of art the world would ever know. This only made the circumstances of his life all the more tragic. Only in death did Vincent van Gogh receive the recognition he so desperately longed for. Now that the world is without him, his works have become some of the most prized masterpieces for collectors and critics alike.

Van Gogh helped influence an entire generation of young artists exploring visual mediums without him even realizing it. Today, it is easy to overlook the circumstances surrounding van Gogh as he created his works. However, a closer historical reading helps give his works an amount of depth indicative of not only a single man’s struggles, but also the anxieties and desires of the nation which he was a part of.

This quiz will explore some of the facts surrounding van Gogh’s life as well as identification for some of his most legendary works. Even if you are not the foremost expert o the life and times of this artist, we still invite you to take this quiz in the interests of learning something new.

How much do you know about this legendary artist? Take our Vincent van Gogh Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Vincent van Gogh Quiz!

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