Vlad the Impaler Quiz

The Vlad the Impaler Quiz.

The rulers and lords of lands often have the proverbial first pick when it comes to making history. This largely stems from matters of influence. Afterall, it would be much more likely for a rich nobleman with power over laws and people to make a historically relevant impact than your average cobbler with little influence outside of his family and neighborhood. That is why so many historical figures happen to be people of nobility.

This was especially true in the days of olden Europe. Almost every nation in the continent was built upon some form of feudalism. Vlad the Impaler was one man whose noble status allowed him a terrible amount of power. In a historical context, many are baffled by the complicated and unfortunate circumstances surrounding Vlad’s life. He acted out terrible atrocities. But there are those who argue the atrocities he committed were attempts to stop even worse atrocities from being committed against his people. Such judgments are entirely up to the interpreter, but the fact remains that Vlad’s name is inexorably stained red.

His legacy was that of a talented commander and of a man capable of monstrous acts. So grisly were many of his deeds that there were those who though him something beyond human. That is where the legacy of Vlad begins to shift from fact to fiction. Since so much of Vlad is shrouded in folklore in superstition, this quiz will not shy away from asking some of these questions. Even though they are superstitious, they are still a part of Vlad’s historical legacy. We will also ask questions about Vlad, his deeds, and the world the influenced him and was in turn influenced by him.

How much do you know about this legendary ruler? Take our Vlad the Impaler Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Vlad the Impaler Quiz!

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