Vladimir Lenin Quiz

The Vladimir Lenin Quiz.

Students of history often discover the fact that revolutions are most often caused by events that disadvantage the majority of the people in a nation. After all, all governments receive their authority from the people. If enough people begin to oppose that government, there is no way it can stand any longer.

What we often see in history is that nothing gets people on board for a revolution quite like the specific promise of an alternative. Considering the fact that so much of the world is capitalist by nature, it was inevitable that an alternative economic theory would come along and begin to resonate with those individuals left disenfranchised by capitalist economics. Enter Vladimir Lenin.

Lenin was a man born with an unmistakable gift of charisma. His early life was punctuated by a few key tragedies that began him on the path of revolution. He began to blame many of his society’s injustices on economic inequality that he hoped to resolve before the end of his life. In the pursuit of that goal, a bloody revolution sprang up in Lenin’s wake. To him, such sacrifices were unfortunate necessities of his grand ambitions. Over a mountain of corpses, Lenin would eventually accomplish his goal of full revolution by founding a government which he hoped would justify the sacrifices he and his followers made.

While there are still some who herald Lenin as a hero of the people, most historians in the West have condemned him as a man who was willing to destroy lives in pursuit of a goal that he himself didn’t fully understand the ramifications of.

How much do you know about this infamous revolutionary? Take our Vladimir Lenin Quiz to find out.

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