Wall Street Is Informed Of D-Day

Wall Street is Informed of D-Day during World War II.

wall street is informed of d-day

It is often said that wars are fought as much on the home front as on the front lines. Here we can see an example of that as multiple civilians line up around a news ticker in Wall Street. The date is June 6th 1944 and these citizens are eagerly awaiting news on the currently ensuing battle on the beaches of Normandy.

This conflict would go down in history as D-Day. So many people had such interest on this topic that they would watch a news ticker because this was the chance the Allied Forces had been waiting for, a chance to finally push into German lines. Of course, since this was a vital military operation, nobody was allowed to inform the people of the plans for this attack.

This meant the people who woke up and went to work early on the 6th didn’t expect their morning headlines to include news that a seaborne invasion of Axis territory had begun. While WWII had been fought for years by this point, it had mostly been in Russia, the Pacific Ocean, and North Africa.

News was easy to broadcast on these devices, called news tickers, which now cover Wall Street. Stories could receive constant updates, so the ability to quickly flash any new developments to the public was quite valuable. The night of that day would be filled with glorious celebration for the tired citizens of America. Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Allied Forces, there would finally be an end in sight for this long and grueling war.