Will Smith & Mariah Carey

Will Smith and Mariah Carey.

will smith mariah carey

I’m not sure what the odds are on this photo’s existence, but they must be astronomical. You see, this is a snapshot that was just taken at random of Mariah Carey and Will Smith in a tender embrace. What makes it so special, however, is the fact that neither person was famous at this point.

Although both Carey and Smith would become superstars, neither they nor the photographer knew that. As far as their understanding was concerned, they were just two young people enjoying a night together that just happened to look good enough for a picture. The setting of this meeting of the not-yet famous was in Los Angeles back in 1988 at a concert called the KIIS FM Endless Summer Jam.

Neither Mariah Carey nor Will Smith were originally from Los Angeles. Carey was born and raised in New England but began to move around after high school in order to achieve her dream of becoming a pop star. She made it to Los Angeles and found good connections that would land her a record deal with time.

Smith is a similar story. He was from Philadelphia originally and grew up a fine student. Despite this, he wanted to become a rapper and focused all of his attention on that. He moved himself to L.A. and formed a musical group with some friends, adopting the title “Fresh Prince” in the process. Somewhere the stars aligned while these two were both trying to make their way in the world so that they could meet here for this one picture before parting forever to embrace their own separate stardoms.