Women Who Shaped History Quiz

The Women Who Shaped History Quiz.

The course of history is surprising malleable in some ways and rigid in others. It seems like the tiniest and most inconsequential events can, under the right circumstances, shake an established orthodoxy to its core. In that regard, considering the ability each individual has to influence history can lead to some startling revelations about the past and future.

In general, women in history have often been sequestered into gender roles defined by the unique society they live in. For example, women in Sparta were expected to be mothers and wives, but they were also trained rigorously in the hopes that they would raise strong children. The various movements of women’s liberation across the globe have helped to lessen the strictness of these gender roles in many parts of the world. Yet, even before these liberation movements occurred, women were still impacting history in monumental ways.

In everything from works of art to matters of state, women have managed to fill the pages of history in spite of the gender roles they were supposed to be cordoned off into. In commemoration of these historical figures who might not get the credit they are due at times, we have compiled this quiz to test your historical knowledge and maybe even teach you something new.

This quiz will focus on women from all across the world in all ages of history. We will ask you to identify the figures themselves based on their deeds.

How much do you know about the women who have managed to leave an impact on history? Take our Women Who Shaped History Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Women Who Shaped History Quiz!

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