Woodstock Quiz

Woodstock Quiz

As a rule of thumb, counterculture often develops at the same rate as the culture it rejects. This is usually due to the dual nature of counterculture as a mirror of society’s wider culture. Yet, there are certain times where counterculture manages to eclipse culture that it is based upon.

Case in point, Woodstock. This festival was a period where the revolutionary music of the Sixties proved just what a stranglehold it had over the hearts of a wide base of supporters. In that matter, Woodstock changed the world of music.

Some of the most famous musicians of the century performed at Woodstock. What’s more, many of them gave legendary performances in front of the massive audience that they summoned. Woodstock surprised the entire world with its unexpected success.

What was meant to be a decently sizable music festival turned into a gathering of people larger than the populations of some American states. With that many people gathered in one place order was strained.

Law enforcement couldn’t really keep a hold on the chaos of the overpopulated Woodstock venue. This led to a peculiar anarchy that further ended up acting as a microcosm of the rebellious spirit that fueled the Sixties. Many have tried to duplicate the success of Woodstock, but none have managed to reach the same cultural heights achieved by that original concert event.

As much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new.

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