World War I Technological Innovations Quiz

World War I Technological Innovations Quiz.

To say that the First World War resulted in massacre would be an understatement. With so many factions fighting in a conflict which they saw no justice in, the number of troops without morale or cause to fight was astronomical. Adding on to the intense psychological pressures of the war, there was the wide array of grisly technologies which brilliant and mad men were developing. These devices might have been invented to help bring a swift end to the war, but most of them merely resulted in piles of casualties.

The unchecked scientific progress of the age brought with it an abominable array of means for one army to leave their enemies dead in the trenches. Even though such a great number of people fought in the war, the glory which they had hoped to achieve on the battlefield was quickly discovered to be nothing compared to the horrors of a new century of warfare. Rather than focusing their efforts on devices to tackle the major ills that plagued their societies, scientists from all corners of the globe instead used their brilliance to manufacture some of the most merciless implements of war ever seen on the battlefield.

As these technologies became more regulated, and enemies began to figure out ways to circumvent their morbid effectiveness, the casualty tolls of these weapons would steadily drop off. But when they were first introduced, there can be no denying that the impact these inventions had in the practice of taking life was Earth-shattering.

How much do you know about these newly developed weapons of war? Take our Technological Innovations of World War One Quiz to find out.

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