Young Barack Obama

Young Barack Obama in the Fifth Grade.

young barack obama

As hard as it may be to believe that our president was once a young man, we have the pictures to prove it. Indeed, this photograph was taken of a young Barack Obama all the way back when he was in the fifth grade at his elementary school. It was the beginning of a new school year in 1971 when this photo was reportedly taken, with all of the students posing with their teacher.

Funnily enough, it was the president himself who shared this look at his past with the world. It was an effort to commemorate National Teacher Appreciation Day in 2016. The teacher of this class is someone he claims was an enormous influence on his life.

Mabel Hefty was the name of this fifth grade teacher who aided the president’s education and personal life so much. Along with the release of this photograph, Obama also went on to share words of appreciation for Mrs. Hefty along with why she was so dear to him. When he transferred to this Punahou School back in 1971, he reports that he strongly disliked being the new kid.

As such, he withdrew from all of the kids in his class. Mrs. Hefty, however, taught him to take pride in his differences, as those are what truly make people interesting. She also focused on teaching her students right and wrong and how to have empathy for one another. This amazing woman would continue to teach her class until she retired in 1980. Mrs. Hefty unfortunately passed away in 1995, leaving her legacy in the form of her students.