Zachary Taylor Quiz

Zachary Taylor Quiz.

In American politics, the military man has been a popular figure. The respect that most Americans have for the armed forces often extends to aspiring politicians who have come from the ranks of the military. The nation’s very first president was a military man, and he would be far from the last soldier-turned-President.

During the odd seesaw of political power that came about during the Mid-19th Century, a number of popular figures were able to rise to the seat of the American President. However, politics were so polarized in this age that politicians often had to define themselves through common opposition rather than common support. Case in point, Zachary Taylor’s rise to politics was inevitable but still surprising. He had been politically active even during his military days. After his distinguished service record, his name was in the minds of the American voters. Taking advantage of this fame, Taylor set out to achieve the highest office in the American government.

The success of Taylor as a President has been hotly debated. A number of historians have claimed Taylor sat idle for most of his term as President. Some others have claimed he did the best he could given the complicated political situation he inherited. His term was cut dramatically short. This has led some of Taylor’s defenders to claim that he could have accomplished much more as President had he been able to act out his whole term. From his early life to his military career and further to his political career, this quiz will ask you facts about Taylor and his accomplishments.

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