America’s Founding Fathers

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is often called the man who penned America into existence. This title is fitting due to his impressive writing skills and how his many works helped to shape the newly-forming America. Thomas Jefferson, like many other patriots, was born in Virginia. Living a life of wealth and education, Jefferson studied politics and architecture in college.

In the year 1776, being known as a skilled politician, he was asked to pen a first draft of a Declaration of Independence. Because he also had revolutionary ideals, Jefferson agreed. His first draft was revised by a team of other political geniuses, and it was sent to King George III to officially declare the U.S.’s intent to break off.

Returning home a hero, Jefferson was elected the governor of Virginia for the span of two years from 1799 to 1781. He also designed his own home of Monticello, which is now considered an architectural masterpiece. Jefferson would move on to replace Ben Franklin as American Minister to France and later served as George Washington’s Secretary of State. During the election for the second president of the United States, Jefferson won the Vice-Presidency to serve under John Adams.

Four years later, he ascended to the presidency, making a huge contribution to his nation by negotiating the Louisiana Purchase to massively increase America’s boundaries. Thomas Jefferson passed away on July 4th 1826, exactly fifty years after the ratification of his beloved Declaration of Independence. Funnily enough, his gravestone lists his many accomplishments, but President of the United States was left off of it.