America’s Founding Fathers

Samuel Adams


Samuel Adams . . . yes, the guy that the beer company is named after. Sam Adams was one of the more prominent speakers and front line political workers during the beginning of the Revolution. Not only that, but he was also an important politician after independence was achieved. He is one patriot that will forever be known for his fighting spirit and impressive speaking skills.

Sam was born in 1722 as a resident of Boston, the city he would live in throughout most of his life. Graduating from the always prestigious Harvard University, he entered life as a tax collector for the British Government. Not exactly the expected origins of an American patriot, but after he was able to enter the Massachusetts House of Representatives, his views shifted.

Feeling that the colonies were being unjustly treated by their ruler, Sam began to actively speak out against the British crown. In 1773, he organized the protest that would be known as the Boston Tea Party. The following year, he was selected to attend the Continental Congresses and urge the colonists to revolt. After the dust of battle cleared, Sam served as a Senator of Massachusetts and then was elected its governor.

Adams was also a supporter of his second cousin, the previously mentioned John Adams. Sam would die in 1803, but his legacy lives on in the spirit of Boston, even though the man on the Samuel Adams beer logo is actually Paul Revere, not Samuel Adams.