The History of Computers Quiz

Today, we all take computers, cell phones, the internet, and most technology for granted, but things were not always that way. Not too long ago, technology was not mainstream and it was not easily accessible to the common person.  A dedicated phone line was needed to connect to the internet, and in the beginning, computers … Read more

Guess The Celebrity Quiz

Guess The Celebrity Quiz

The Guess The Celebrity Quiz For this quiz, we have gathered numerous candid photos of celebrities and have uncovered photos of celebrities before they were famous.  Take your best shot at identifying these celebrities. Good Luck taking the Guess The Celebrity quiz! Andrew NicholasWriter / Quiz Creator Andrew Nicholas is a passionate reader and writer on the … Read more

The Early Presidents Of The United States Quiz

Early Presidents of the United States Quiz

The Early Presidents of the United States Quiz. Welcome to a quiz on the early presidents of the United States of America. Back when The United States Of America was a brand new country, it was shaped by a handful of people who were chosen to run this newly formed country. A lot of decisions … Read more

The Industrial Revolution Quiz

Industrial Revolution Quiz

Welcome to the Industrial Revolution Quiz: A look back at when man first started to put machines to work for him.  These machines increased output, decreased manual labor, and made things safer, all at the same time.  During this time, manufacturing methods also started to change, which led to increased productivity and efficiency. Take your … Read more

The American Civil War Quiz

Civil War Quiz

The Civil War Quiz. When someone mentions the Civil War, many things come to mind… Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg, the Confederate Flag, Slavery, and more.  Just as the United States was finding its place in the world, war broke out, but it was not a foreign invader, this war was domestic. It was the North vs. … Read more