Legendary Albums of the 1980s Quiz

Legendary Albums of the 1980s Quiz

Following two major ages of rebellion in western cultural history, the 1980s artistically occupied a peculiar place. While there were still many rebels and visionaries helping to steer artistry in unpredictable and exciting ways, commercialism was beginning to show up in music in very big ways.

There are some who say the 1980s was the decade when full commercial entertainment proved to be more than a niche market. Unprecedented levels of success were being seen everywhere from video game companies to movie studios. In music, there was a particularly large entrance of corporate interests into the field of the pop and rock scenes. Yet, the booming economy of the 80s also had its benefits to the world of music.

New technologies and a more global artistic scene provided ground-breaking innovations in music. Pop music began to take on more of a techno vibe in general as commercial synthesizers became more and more common among certain acts. Rock and roll also saw new periods of success as it diversified into multiple subgenres distinct from the rock of old.

This quiz will ask you trivia and identification questions about some of the most successful or influential albums of this age. Whether these albums are successful for their artistic impact or commercial gains, we have tried to gather a broadly representative list of questions about some albums that helped define the 80s as an era of music.

As much as to test, this quiz is meant to inform. So, we hope you come out of it knowing something new. How much do you know about the broad musical scene of this decade? Take our Legendary Albums of the 1980s Quiz to find out.

Good Luck taking the Legendary Albums of the 1980s Quiz!

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