Geddy Lee of Rush

Geddy Lee and his many instruments. A picture that captures the musical dedication of one of rock and roll’s icons, this photograph is of Geddy Lee standing near a variety of instruments. These aren’t just a random assortment, however, as Geddy Lee played all of them for his band Rush. Indeed, he was the lead … Read more

Times Square Circa 1936

Times Square – A little peek at the past. This picture is of the legendary New York destination, Times Square all the way back in 1936. You can see as the Times Square we know today is beginning to form from this rather mundane New York street. Billboards are beginning to show up, and pedestrians … Read more

Apollo 11 Successful Launch Celebration

Celebration of Apollo 11. This featured picture was taken in the control room of NASA during the Apollo 11 lunar mission. At the moment the image was captured, the launch was confirmed to be successful and mankind was safely on its way to the moon for the first time. Several control room technicians can be … Read more

The Death Of Lee Harvey Oswald

Lee Harvey Oswald

The Murder of Lee Harvey Oswald By Jack Ruby. This photograph was taken of assassin Lee Harvey Oswald being killed outside of the police station he was being held in. The date of the incident is November 24th 1963 and the nation is in panic after President John F. Kennedy has been killed. The police … Read more