John Rockefeller Quiz

John Rockefeller Quiz

The John Rockefeller Quiz. The journey from rags to riches has always been thought of as a part of the American dream. Hard work and the tenacity to rise to the top even though you started from the bottom are qualities that have helped many individuals carve out their own successes in our nation. Few … Read more

The American Presidents (Civil War to Great Depression) Quiz

American Presidents (Civil War to Great Depression) Quiz

The American Presidents (Civil War to Great Depression) Quiz. Welcome to a quiz on the presidents of the United States of America from the Civil War to the Great Depression. America went through a great deal of change during this period in history.  Many great men led our nation during this time.  See how well … Read more

Lee Harvey Oswald And His Rifle

Lee Harvey Oswald with his Rifle. A very unsettling image indeed, this photograph was taken of Lee Harvey Oswald outside his home holding the gun he would use to assassinate John F. Kennedy. Not only the weapon, but he also carries a number of Marxist newspapers in his other arm and displays them proudly. These … Read more

Gemini 8 Landing

Gemini 8 Landing – back on Earth. Although we often see pictures of the space age in the form of rockets with enormous flames propelling them towards the heavens and shuttles as they cruise through the serene weightlessness of outer space, we don’t often see the pictures of the most important part, the return. This … Read more

Easter Eggs For Hitler

Easter Eggs for Hitler – Happy Easter Adolph! In the 1940s, World War II was in some of its harshest days at the front lines. Both sides had taken extreme casualties and most soldiers were far past the point of patriotic duty keeping their morale up. There was a general sense of dread because of … Read more