Food Falling From The Sky

Food Being Dropped by U.S. Air Force. Above is a photograph from the WWII era, specifically the year 1945. It shows an American B-17 as it is dropping a load of food to the people of the Netherlands below. At this time, German was still in control of the area, causing harsh regulations that nearly … Read more

Ernest Hemmingway & Sons

The Hemmingway Family. This picture is one of Ernest Hemmingway and his sons standing on the docks of Bimini Docks. Taken in 1935, the picture shows Ernest and his boys, Patrick, Jack, and Gregory. The family is posing with the catch after a long day of fishing for blue marlins. Ernest Hemmingway was born in … Read more

A Young Tony Hawk

Young Tony Hawk (If you think you know your stuff when it comes to Celebrities, see if you can pass our Guess The Celebrity Quiz!) This picture is a rarely seen look at Tony Hawk in his childhood. The photograph is believed to have been taken in 1986 of Hawk at his local skate park. … Read more

Jimi Hendrix – 34 Montagu Square

Jimi Hendrix in 34 Montagu Square. Above is a photograph in the personal life of rock and roll superstar Jimi Hendrix. Not only is the person important, but the address the photo was taken in is also legendary to music as it is an apartment in the famous 34 Montagu Square. This building was located … Read more

Walt Disney’s First Studio Opens

Walt Disney’s First Studio The picture above shows the humble beginnings of one of the most influential men in the history of cinema, Walt Disney. Here, Walt and his brother Roy are posing outside of their first animation studio. The photograph was taken in Los Angeles in 1923, back when Disney animation was getting started … Read more