Iconic Leading Ladies Quiz

Leading Ladies Quiz

Iconic Leading Ladies Quiz The movie industry can be a crushing business. There are many people who work all of their lives trying to appear on the big screen. However, the possibility of accomplishing this dream is tragically small. This makes it all the more impressive when a new star manages to break through the … Read more

Henry David Thoreau Quiz

Henry David Thoreau Quiz

Henry David Thoreau Quiz The literary movements of the U.S.A. began in peculiar and humble ways. Since America was a new country created nearly all at once, it had little in the way of established academic institutions or literary tropes. Instead, early American writers needed to borrow styles and conventions from back in Europe. The … Read more

Notable Americans of the 19th Century Quiz

Notable Americans of the 19th Century

Notable Americans of the 19th Century Quiz People who live through historical events can often find themselves unable to truly understand the full magnitude of the happenings which surround them. This is why retrospect is such a powerful tool. Over time, this retrospect only grows stronger. We gain the ability to witness the full impact … Read more

Winfield Scott Quiz

Winfield Scott Quiz

Winfield Scott Quiz The American military was born from the service of brave men who risked their lives in the pursuit of liberty. Militia organizations made up the majority of that original American military. As the government of that new republic was established, the need arose for a proper centralized army in order to protect … Read more

Iconic Broadway Musicals Quiz

Broadway Musicals Quiz

Iconic Broadway Musicals Quiz Theater is an art form that can be traced back to some of the very earliest periods of artistic development. Considering how universal music is as well, it was only a matter of time before elements of theatrical drama and performative music collided into a singular art form. Musical theater is … Read more