Famous Advertising Mascots Quiz

Famous Advertising Mascots Quiz

Famous Advertising Mascots Quiz They might not be the most artistically rich characters to ever be formulated, but they sure are recognizable. Advertising mascots often see the light of day in an attempt to win a broader share of a customer base. As for why having a character representing your brand would help sales, there … Read more

Historic Leaders of Europe Quiz

Leaders of Europe Quiz

Historic Leaders of Europe Quiz Europe was the birthplace of western civilization. While the first major human civilizations rose around Asia Minor and the surrounding areas, the subsequent spread of human cultures made its way into Europe. For centuries, the realms of Europe were ruled by tribal groups. Little cohesion existed between these different collectives … Read more

History of the Vikings Quiz

Vikings Quiz

History of the Vikings Quiz There exists a cultural fascination with the Vikings. This group of northern raiders embodied some of the worst qualities of humanity. After all, murder and piracy were among the most frequent ways that Vikings would gain resources. It is perhaps true that the fascination with the Vikings is similar to … Read more

The American Revolution Quiz – True or False

American Revolution Quiz

American Revolution Quiz (True or False) The movers and shakers of the American Revolution were individuals who took an incredible gamble with no guarantees of success. They were men and women who believed fully in their principles. When those principles no longer aligned with the governing body that ruled over them, America’s people rebelled. The … Read more

Hit Songs of the 1970s Quiz

Hit Songs of the 1970s Quiz

Hit Songs of the 1970s Quiz The musical revolutions of the 50s and 60s resulted in an unprecedented amount of new music being made. What’s more, excitingly unique genres were evolving out of the broad styles of music previously established. Prolific artists rose and fell during the Seventies. One of the best ways to recall their … Read more