X-Ray Of A Diamond Mine Worker

Diamond miners in Kimberly, North Africa get x-rayed before being allowed to leave. Above is a photograph from a diamond mine in the town of Kimberly in South Africa. We can see a miner having to go through an x-ray before he is allowed to leave his work. This was a common practice during this … Read more

Microsoft – The Early Days

Microsoft – The Early Days The photograph below is a picture of the very first employees of Microsoft in its fledgling days. We see Bill Gates the original founder of the company, in the bottom front left, along with the original team of programmers who would go on to grow this garage-based company into the corporate … Read more

Baseball Legends – Babe Ruth & Honus Wagner

Baseball Legends – Babe Ruth & Honus Wagner This picture is a glimpse of American sports culture back in the early 1900’s. Two of the finest baseball players the world had seen at the time had agreed to take a picture with a loyal fan at Forbes Field. Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner are these … Read more

Bulletproof Vest Testing

Bulletproof Vest Testing The picture below is a 1923 photograph of a bullet-proof vest prototype being tested the hard way in Washington D.C. Back in the days of less safety technology and more lenient laws regarding human endangerment, this would be a perfectly acceptable way to determine whether or not a bullet proof vest design would … Read more

Berlin Wall – East Germany

Berlin Wall – East Germany A ceremony is being held on the East German side of the Berlin Wall in 1986 marking 25 years of the separation of Germany. The above photograph details a time of great division in our world, the Cold War. It is a picture of many important Soviet and West German … Read more