Lyndon B Johnson listening to his son-in-law from Vietnam

LBJ Listens to his Son-in-Law in Vietnam. Raw emotion is the only way I can summarize this picture. This sympathetic image is one taken from inside the White House in July on 1968. President Lyndon Baines Johnson sits alone in a conference room listening to a tape recording that was sent to him by his … Read more

Allied Troops On The March

British Troops Marching Through Egypt. During the Second World War and the quest for power that was initiated by the Axis Powers spread farther through the world than most people realize. Although a good many people already know about the campaign to take over North Africa, how it went about may remain hazy in their … Read more

Joan Jett

Joan Jett. This young lady is one of rock and roll’s most legendary women, Joan Jett. The picture is of her in 1977 during her time with the Runaways. Jett was born in 1958 as Joan Larkin but utilized this stage name to sound cooler. It was in 1975 when she was invited to join … Read more

American Inventors Quiz

American Inventors Quiz

The American Inventors Quiz. Welcome to the Quiz On American Ingenuity – U.S’s Brightest Inventors: America has seen its fair share of amazing inventions over the years.  Here is your chance to test your knowledge and see just how much you know about a few of the more famous inventions that came from U.S. inventors. … Read more

1970s Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant  Circa 1970. The picture above was taken of a 1970s flight attendant, in the cabin of an airplane. A United Airlines DC 10 is the airplane in question and the photo shows a flight attendant as she sits and utilizes the plane’s intercom in order to broadcast a message throughout the cabin. United … Read more