The Blues Brothers

The Blues Brothers Here is another iconic photo, this one from the 1980 American Film, The Blues Brothers. It features John Belushi (right) and Dan Aykroyd (left). Belushi and Aykroyd played Jake and Elwood Blues respectively in the now cult classic, which was originally developed from a Saturday Night Live skit. Both “brothers” are seen wearing … Read more

The Beatles In India

The Beatles In India This picture was taken in February 1968, when the Beatles visited India along with their wives. The Beatles travelled to Rishikesh to attend a Transcendental Meditation training session at the ashram of Maharishi Mahesh yogi. The Beatles first met the Maharishi in August 1967, and they kept in contact with him … Read more

Ford Model T Assembly Line

Ford Model T Assembly Line Above is an old black and white photograph showing the Ford Model T Assembly Line in 1924. Ford’s Model T, introduced in 1908, was simple, sturdy and relatively inexpensive–but not inexpensive enough for Ford, who was determined to build “motor car[s] for the great multitude.” In order to lower the price of … Read more

First Cable Car Crossing Niagara Falls

First Cable Car Crossing Niagara Falls This iconic photo from history shows the first crossing of the Whirlpool Cable Car going over the Niagara Falls gorge, on August 8th, 1916. This attraction is still open, however it is now called the Whirlpool Aero Car. This equipment was designed by Leonardo Torres Quevedo, a Spanish engineer, … Read more

1992 Los Angeles Riots

1992 Los Angeles Riots This photo was taken when riots broke out in Los Angeles, CA in April of 1992.  On the 29th of April 1992, rioters protested the release of four Los Angeles Police Department officers in the beating of a motorist – Rodney King – in 1991. The whole affair became more serious … Read more