Julius Caesar Quiz

Some people just dedicate themselves to their grandest ambitions. Sometimes, this is a good thing as people pursue their dreams fervently to completion. Other times, we end up with people trampling over others as they achieve dreadful goals. Probably in the latter category, we have the first emperor of Rome, Julius Caesar. An astute politician … Read more

Amelia Earhart Quiz

Human history is absolutely chock-full of individuals who defied the odds and the expectations of others. One of the favorite subcategories for this type of individual is the women who excelled in the world in times when they weren’t seen as equal to their male counterparts. In this subcategory, we have such individuals as Annie … Read more

Original American Colonies Quiz

The Original American Colonies Quiz It’s always valuable to reminisce on your roots. Before the United States were technically united, we were a collection of colonies established by European nations. Men and women from these lands in Europe saw these colonies as a chance to escape injustice or find a more opportune economic situation. Whatever … Read more

Milton Hershey Quiz

It takes a special kind of person to truly make society a bit sweeter. Milton Hershey was a man who became a success in a time when America was divided by a stark gap between the living conditions of the rich and poor. The rich were expected to live in luxury while the poor scraped … Read more

State Capitals Quiz

State Capitals Quiz

State Capitals Quiz Though not a lot of people put much thought toward the capitals of our fifty states, they are actually some of the most interesting cities in our country. While simply housing the most important state-level governmental buildings and offices isn’t terribly exciting, most of the cities themselves have fascinating, if not peculiar, … Read more