Google – The Beginning of Alphabet

The Beginning of Google. We have entered an age where technology is a near necessity in all that we do. From the smart cars that drive us to work to the cellphones that allow us to stay connected to one another over large distances, there is an incredible invention aiding us all the time. That … Read more

1970s Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant  Circa 1970. The picture above was taken of a 1970s flight attendant, in the cabin of an airplane. A United Airlines DC 10 is the airplane in question and the photo shows a flight attendant as she sits and utilizes the plane’s intercom in order to broadcast a message throughout the cabin. United … Read more

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouge The picture above captures one of Paris’s most famous venues, the Moulin Rouge. French for “Red Mill,” this club offered lively entertainment to the local Frenchmen and visitors from all over the world. Moulin Rouge was started in 1889 by two men named Charles Zidler and Joseph Oller. The pair saw all of … Read more

The Very First IKEA Store

IKEA – “Swedish furniture store” Above is a picture that was taken of the very first IKEA store that was ever built. One of the most famous furniture outlets in the world, IKEA is certainly a name that many people associate with bargain furniture. Like most of the world’s top companies, though, this business started … Read more

Waldorf Astoria Construction

Construction of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.   Above is an iconic image that is an exciting absurdity as it features two well-dressed waiters as they serve lunch to two steel-workers as the construct the Waldorf Astoria Hotel. The four brave souls are positioned on a steel beam as it is being placed for the construction of the … Read more