Steve Martin & John Belushi

Steve Martin and John Belushi. Comedy legends of the seventies as they pose together in the comedy capital of the world at the time, New York City. We have here pictured Steve Martin and John Belushi. This scene took place in 1982 only a few weeks before Belushi’s tragic passing. The picture was taken outside … Read more

Captain Marvel

John Bostwick as Captain Marvel. Did you know that in the mid 1970’s, D.C. Comics actually made a television series centered around one of their slightly lesser-known characters, Captain Marvel? Well, they did. The show was titled Shazam! which is an alternative title for the character himself. This series followed the exploits of a young … Read more

Adam West & Yvonne Craig

This photograph shows one of Hollywood’s dynamic duos enjoying a lovely day together. The man is none other than Adam West, the actor who played Batman in the live show of 1966-1968. The woman is Yvonne Craig, the actress who played Batgirl in the same show. The photograph was taken in Los Angeles in 1968 … Read more

Record Testing Circa 1955

Record Testing. This photograph shows something that seems outlandish to us today, but was considered absolutely ingenious at the time. The picture was taken in 1955 at a record store in which all of the customers had the opportunity to actually sit down and listen to the record before they decided whether or not they … Read more

Joan Jett

Joan Jett. This young lady is one of rock and roll’s most legendary women, Joan Jett. The picture is of her in 1977 during her time with the Runaways. Jett was born in 1958 as Joan Larkin but utilized this stage name to sound cooler. It was in 1975 when she was invited to join … Read more