Jumping The Berlin Wall

Guard Jumping the Berlin Wall. It seems we will never see another time in which the world was as divided as it was during the Cold War. The world went so far as to split the city of Berlin down the middle in order to establish division between its two separate economic systems, with capitalism … Read more

1980 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony

Opening of the 1980 Olympic Games. Talk about a bizarre way to celebrate the Olympics. This picture shows a plethora of Russian acrobats as they join together to form the shape of a vase made entirely out of people. This was taken back in 1980 during the Olympic Summer games which were being held in … Read more

Heinrich Himmler And A Russian POW

Heinrich Himmler and the POW. It is rare that we get to see such photos that detail a time in which someone who commits atrocities is confronted by their actions. The man on the left with the entourage is Heinrich Himmler, and the man on the right is a Russian prisoner of war in a … Read more

Lee Harvey Oswald And His Rifle

Lee Harvey Oswald with his Rifle. A very unsettling image indeed, this photograph was taken of Lee Harvey Oswald outside his home holding the gun he would use to assassinate John F. Kennedy. Not only the weapon, but he also carries a number of Marxist newspapers in his other arm and displays them proudly. These … Read more

Gemini 8 Landing

Gemini 8 Landing – back on Earth. Although we often see pictures of the space age in the form of rockets with enormous flames propelling them towards the heavens and shuttles as they cruise through the serene weightlessness of outer space, we don’t often see the pictures of the most important part, the return. This … Read more