Wall Street Is Informed Of D-Day

Wall Street is Informed of D-Day during World War II. It is often said that wars are fought as much on the home front as on the front lines. Here we can see an example of that as multiple civilians line up around a news ticker in Wall Street. The date is June 6th 1944 … Read more

The Surrender of Japan

surrender of japan

The Surrender of Japan – the end of World War II At the end of every war comes one of the most humiliating moments for the defeated. The symbolic surrender and years following are some that can be the worst in the history of any nation that loses in the conquests of warfare. This moment … Read more

Kuwait Oil Well Fire

Kuwait Oil Well Fire-Fighter. Although this image isn’t as popular as many other photographs of tragedies, it definitely has something those others do not, as it suggests the human spirit can overcome this set horror. This is a famous image of a fire-fighter as he tries to combat an accidental fire at an oil well … Read more

Union And Confederate Soldiers Make Peace

Union and Confederate Soldiers Shake Hands. I guess it’s better late than never. These gentlemen were soldiers who fought on opposite sides of the American Civil War. Fifty two years after the first shots were fired a Fort Sumter and tore the country part, this reunion took place in order to bring the two fractured … Read more

Hitler Visits Napoleon’s Grave

Hitler Visits Napoleon’s Grave and pays his respects. Despite the fact that fact that France was recently conquered and war was raging on all sides of his empire, Adolf Hitler once took time out of his busy schedule of warmongering to tour the city of Paris. It seems the man had a soft spot for … Read more