Rare Celebrity Photos From The Past!

Kurt Cobain mugshot, taken when he was 19 years old.


This is a mugshot photograph of the legendary musician Kurt Cobain. Cobain was the singer, guitarist, and song writer for the band Nirvana.

Taken in 1986, the picture shows a bit about Cobain that most don’t know about, his criminal record. Born in 1967, Cobain grew up with a rather checkered childhood seeing music as a way to escape his problems. After his parents divorced he became especially withdrawn into the music he dwelled in. Eventually he would come to put this love of music to good use as he formed the band Nirvana in the late 80’s. Their style of music now called “grunge” was very popular with young people who felt the same way Cobain did about the painful state of the world. Eventually, this group of young people who called themselves “Generation X.” would come to rally behind Cobain as their spokesperson. Cobain would go on to marry fellow musician Courtney Love.

The picture was taken after his first arrest in the town of Aberdeen, Washington where he grew up. Reports say he was arrested for graffitying nonsense on the sides of buildings. Later he would be arrested for trespassing on the roof of a warehouse. Unfortunately this wouldn’t be the end of his criminal behavior. With the start of his career, he became addicted to heroin, an addiction that would nearly cost him his life. The singer tragically ended his own life in 1994 at the height of his popularity. To this day, he acts as a symbol for those who feel hurt by the world, especially for young people.