Rare Celebrity Photos From The Past!

John Lennon’s Glasses


Here we have a somber photo of the glasses John Lennon wore when he was murdered, with the city of New York in the background. Lennon started his career in music when he became singer/songwriter/guitarist for The Beatles in 1956 when he and Paul McCartney began writing music together.

The pair would go on to find the other members and truly begin the band. Lennon is often considered the front man of the band as he was so involved in the music process and press events. The group went on to be highly successful, but after meeting a woman named Yoko Ono, Lennon’s life would forever become changed. Despite the fact that he was married, Lennon fell in love with Ono and divorced his wife to marry her. At her request, he also quit The Beatles and the pair instead focused on making music together. They also became very politically active, promoting peace and an end to wars in the world.

They eventually settled down in New York City but continued their music making. Unfortunately, despite his life dedicated to peace, Lennon would die as the result of violence. On December 8th 1980, while John and Yoko were making their way back to their apartment, a crazed Beatles fan approached John and shot him seven times. No motive was discovered, but it is suspected the man was unhinged. The glasses in the picture are the ones Lennon was wearing when he was shot down, overlooking the city where he passed. Because of his life and death, John Lennon is remembered as a symbol of peace and is considered one of the most prolific stars in rock and roll history.