Rare Celebrity Photos From The Past!

The Blues Brothers


Here is another iconic photo, this one from the 1980 American Film, The Blues Brothers.

It features John Belushi (right) and Dan Aykroyd (left). Belushi and Aykroyd played Jake and Elwood Blues respectively in the now cult classic, which was originally developed from a Saturday Night Live skit.

Both “brothers” are seen wearing their distinctive black suits, white shirts and black “skinny” ties, along with matching fedora hats, and similar but distinctive dark sunglasses. The sunglasses worn by both actors are the iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarer style, with Aykroyd displaying a traditional black frame and lenses, and Belushi’s sunglasses sporting a tortoiseshell finish and dark lenses. The popularity of this film, and its subsequent cult following have helped to give this particular Ray-Ban frame somewhat of a cult following itself.

The film this picture is taken from was the last of three films that Belushi and Aykroyd would make together,  the other two being 1941 and Neighbors..  The duo also performed together on Saturday Night Live together.