Ghostbusters – Behind The Scenes

The Lady in the Library



There are few better ways to begin a movie than Ghostbusters did. It established the tone for the run time as it shows a spooky atmosphere and sets up a conflict that would need the team to assemble in order to solve.

To top it all off, we were introduced to one of the most humorously frightening ghosts in the series, the Grey Lady/Librarian Ghost. While she may appear to be just a spirit of your everyday librarian, on the drop of a hat, she becomes a horrifying specter.

It is rather appropriate that the woman they actually got to play this part was a scholar. Ruth Hale Oliver was her name and she was an Astrologer. She wrote two books on the subject of Astrology. She played the role when she was 78 years of age. Heavy use of makeup and effects was needed to make her look so ghastly, and there was even the need to create an entire puppet to act as her horrifying form.

Stories report that there was an original unused puppet that was much more decayed and grotesque, however, this one was ultimately scrapped for the fear that it would be too frightening for younger audiences.