Ghostbusters – Behind The Scenes

Dana’s Abduction


Here we see one of the more humorous secrets behind a special effects scene. This is the part of the first movie in which Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) is captured against her will by the forces of Gozer to begin turning her into the vessel of Zuul’s spirit.

Many different frightening hands seized her at this part, but what if I told you those hands were merely crew members ducking out of frame with embarrassed looks on their faces? You’d probably believe me, I haven’t lead you astray yet, have I? Well, as you have probably guessed by now, that is exactly what happened in the filming of this event.

The three young men conscripted into this duty were just simple film crew members who reportedly didn’t really want to do this because they didn’t want to be filmed grabbing a woman brusquely. Eventually when they found out they would be wearing those big latex gloves over their hands, they came around. While their exact identities are not known, it is believed they were specifically with the special effects department, however they were not any of the higher-ups. The scene would go on though, and one of the simpler and funnier effects sources was born.