Ghostbusters – Behind The Scenes

The Original Trio



What better way is there to celebrate the original in one final image than a presentation of the posing of the three original busters in front of their iconic car? This was a picture that the three main cast members insisted on having taken during the last few days of shooting.

Going from left to right we have Bill Murray, (Peter Venkman) Dan Aykroyd, (Ray Stantz) and Harold Ramis.  (Egon Spangler) Murray wasn’t even supposed to be in the movie originally. His role was meant to be played by John Belushi, but his tragic passing forced them to find a different actor, and Murray was selected to fill this void because of his success as an SNL alum. This decision paid off quickly as he jelled fluidly with the rest of the cast and became many people’s favorite part of the movie.

Aykroyd and Ramis actually wrote the screenplay together, needing the director, Ivan Reitman, to edit it to create the final film. Aykroyd was an SNL alum like Murray who went on to write and perform in many different comedies. Ramis’ career would be similar, working for National Lampoon and moving on to mostly write comedies, only appearing in a few himself.

These three all would constantly cite this film as their favorite movie they ever worked on. It seems the love for the craft that the actors, crew, and especially the fans have for this movie is really what still makes it so special to this day, and one of the contenders for the most legendary comedy of all time.