Frank Lenz – Biking Around The World

Frank Lenz in the last known photo of him before his disappearance. This gentleman featured in the photo is one man who gave up his life for adventure and accomplishment. His name is Frank Lenz and the picture was taken of him in 1894. He was a young American who was the child of German … Read more

Early Football Helmet Testing

Football Helmet Testing – Please DO NOT Try This At Home! This picture is a rather humorous look at the early days of football. As I’m sure many of you are aware, football has come under fire many times from people claiming it causes head injuries. Of course, now we know that this is indeed … Read more

The Skiing Elephant

Below is a photograph of a true spectacle in the history of performing circuses, an elephant with the ability to water ski. The picture was taken on March 23, 1956 at a performance by the Ringling Circus at an attraction called Sunshine Springs in the town of Sarasota, Florida. One of their most popular acts at … Read more

Muhammad Ali – The Greatest Of All Time

Muhammad Ali Saving the Life of a Jumper.  With the recent untimely passing of the boxing legend, Muhammad Ali, it seems appropriate to not only celebrate the man’s stellar career as an athlete, but also his incredible humanity. The photograph above is a picture of Muhammad Ali as he helps police to stop a suicidal … Read more

Baseball Legends – Babe Ruth & Honus Wagner

Baseball Legends – Babe Ruth & Honus Wagner This picture is a glimpse of American sports culture back in the early 1900’s. Two of the finest baseball players the world had seen at the time had agreed to take a picture with a loyal fan at Forbes Field. Babe Ruth and Honus Wagner are these … Read more