Most Ridiculous Weapons In History

Ridiculous Weapons that Were Scrapped for Obvious Reasons

Since the dawn of conflict, mankind has sought to improve its chances of winning by simply improving his tools for the job. Weaponry has been around since the cavemen beat each other senseless with rocks and sticks but has evolved with a more sophisticated yet deadly purpose in mind. While there was a point where the most savage and brutal weapons almost definitely ensured victory, since the Geneva Convention we have luckily taken a hold on weapons development to stop them from being too cruel.

At the end of the day, though, it is still up to the men and women who work for weapons companies to come up with the next step in their progress. These fifteen examples we have collected, however, seem to suggest that the opposite is happening. They are weapons that were specifically designed for warfare but leave us wondering how anyone could’ve possibly thought they would work. These are fifteen weapons that were scrapped for obvious reasons.

The Cat Bomb


Oh boy are we starting off with a bang. This is perhaps one of the Navy’s most ridiculous ideas to ever leave the drawing board. Unfortunately, this weapon actually was built and tested, showing that sometimes, lapses in human judgement can occur, even to weapons developers. The weapon is as simple as the name, they tied a bomb to a cat. The concept was that, because cats hate water, they will try to climb aboard the nearest vessel. If that cat were set up with an explosive and dropped in enemy waters, then you have an instant recipe for sinking vessels.

Reality stopped this from ever happening though. First, the cats that were tested on died from impact with the water. Then, when dropped from a lower altitude, the drowned because (as previously stated) they were tied to actual, heavy, bombs. Then, when given lighter bombs, the cats were unable to climb aboard the ship and drowned.

It is truly a shame that so many felines had to be needlessly sacrificed for an idea that a toddler could’ve told you wouldn’t have worked. It is also a shame that this was neither the first time simple animals were weaponized, nor would it be the last time.