Most Ridiculous Weapons In History



            Unfortunately, despite how cool and futuristic this tank may appear, it’s just another bust. As you will have no doubt surmised from the image alone, this tank is made unique thanks to the impressive looking addition that dons its top. The Progvev-T as this peculiarity is called, is simply a repurposed Russian tank. Its true uniqueness comes from the way it was repurposed, of course. The massive device affixed to it is actually part of a turbine to a jet airliner. The idea was that if they used the attachment properly, this vehicle could be used to clear a path through troublesome mine fields.

The principle was a rather sensible one, by using the massive amounts of exhaust that were generated by the modern jet airliner, they could send powerful gusts down upon the ground, detonating any mines buried there. Ideally, the Russian army could deploy these mechanical beasts to clear a path for an army through a mine field.

Unfortunately, the turbines actually pushed the tanks backwards because of the intense wind force. When that issue was fixed, it was discovered that the air flow didn’t destroy every mine, so the ones that slipped by detonated, destroying the tanks. Needless to say, the Progvev-T wasn’t in circulation for very long before being shipped out to the junkyards.