Most Ridiculous Weapons In History

The Suicide Plane


            Kamikaze warfare was a dangerous and terrifying tool that the Japanese utilized well in the Second World War. Having an army of followers who were willing to completely give up their lives in exchange for a heavenly reward made their tactics fierce and brutal throughout the war in the Pacific. It was really no surprise when the Japanese Air Force began to draw up plans that would maximize the damage that their fervent kamikaze pilots could do. Enter the suicide plane, one of the most deplorable inventions of the time. The name really says it all. This plane would open once to let a pilot in, and then be sealed permanently with its operator inside.

The design was very small and light so that it could fly quickly and evasively, but they were still packed with explosive devises in order to maximize the destruction a single unit could do. These planes went on to sink multiple small American Naval ships, but it is reported that no large ones were destroyed. Most kamikaze victories relied on using the larger normal planes of the Japanese Armed Forces.

When the war ended, luckily it was decided that the suicide bombing method used was cruel and permanently discontinued by Japan. As such, these wretched planes were discontinued and existing ones were sold to museums and private collectors after having the explosives removed, of course.