Most Ridiculous Weapons In History

The Blazing Camels


            Blazing camels. No, that’s not the name of a new Grunge band. That’s our next entry. This one is by far the oldest weapon in our repertoire being used about six-hundred years ago. Back in an age where warfare was a rather fluid field due to the rapid development of new and creative weapons to oust their opponents. In the Asian Continent, one of the most desirable implementations of warfare was the enormous elephants that inhabited the land. When Mahmud Khan invaded the land of Mongolia, he deployed more than a hundred fully armored elephants to break the lines of his opponents.

Knowing that conventional means would be unable to bring down the massive mammals, the Mongolian Chieftain Timur devised a stratagem that would help his forces defeat the beasts. They took every camel in their army, soaked them in oil, and set them on fire. Afterwards, he let these burning camels stampede toward the elephants, which were so frightened, they rampaged their own army, leaving few alive.

Timur and his men crushed one of the most powerful armies at the time without losing a single man. He even captured the elephants and used them to conquer Khan’s land in retaliation. Despite the ridiculous lunacy of the plan, it was a perfect success.