Apollo 11 Successful Launch Celebration

Celebration of Apollo 11. This featured picture was taken in the control room of NASA during the Apollo 11 lunar mission. At the moment the image was captured, the launch was confirmed to be successful and mankind was safely on its way to the moon for the first time. Several control room technicians can be … Read more

Racing On The Rooftop

Fiat’s rooftop race track in Turin, Italy. Above is a picture of the Fiat Company’s unusual final stage in production of new vehicles. Starting in 1923, the Lingotto factory located in the town of Turin, Italy, had the peculiar quirk that they had constructed a fully functioning race track on the roof in order to … Read more

Indian APPLE Satellite – Carried By Cart

Below is a picture that has a startling contrast between its two main features.  First is a simple ox-driven cart, second is the cargo it is carrying which happens to be a satellite that was extremely high tech for its time. We see technology of both the old world and the new coexisting in this single … Read more

Boeing Rocket Assisted Liftoff

Here we have a picture of a Boeing B-47 Stratojet utilizing a rocket assisted liftoff. Jets like this one were mostly utilized during the Cold War era as the United States’ primary method of dropping nuclear bombs should negotiations fall through. Dubbed Stratojet because of their purpose to remain high in the stratosphere for long … Read more

Microsoft – The Early Days

Microsoft – The Early Days The photograph below is a picture of the very first employees of Microsoft in its fledgling days. We see Bill Gates the original founder of the company, in the bottom front left, along with the original team of programmers who would go on to grow this garage-based company into the corporate … Read more