Original Star Wars -BTS, Outtakes, And More

“Luke, I am your Father – but I do not know who the rest of these people are.”


The most iconic scene of the entire series and a prime candidate for the most well-known scene in movie history, this picture was taken of the filming where they captured the scene where Darth Vader reveals he is Luke’s father.

Shot at the complex set for the inside of the Bespin Cloud City, the scene marks Luke’s coming to grips with this hidden truth as well as trying to decide whether or not to follow in the footsteps of his father by joining the dark side. You can see the full film crew as they are present trying to capture the moment with as much weight as it should carry. Many different cameras are employed to capture a variety of angles of the action.

We also see the man who wore the costume of Darth Vader as he has the mask off in the image. His name is David Prowse and he was a professional weightlifter, which explains his imposing stature, especially in the costume. Although James Earl Jones supplied the voice of the character, Prowse was responsible for actually acting out the scenes silently. You can also see that fans have also been set up to create the wind effect that would be prevalent through the scene.

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