Original Star Wars -BTS, Outtakes, And More

He has the whole world (or Death Star) in his hands.


This next picture is one of the construction of the terrifying Death Star. The battle station of enough fire power to completely wipe Alderaan out completely with a single blast.

Although the fictional version is such an immense instrument of destruction, it is rather humorous that the true, physical version that was used to create the legend is merely the size of a child. Good luck conquering the galaxy with that edition, Lucas. Speaking of Lucas, in the photograph we can see the man himself as he examines this crucial prop to the final realization of his vision.

From the rough model of this Death Star, we can see that it will be used for Return of the Jedi because of its deeply unfinished design. We can see as that which is supposed to represent foundation and building materials for the station. The original models that were built for the practical effects in scenes were constructed out of wood and plastic. After that, it was trick photography’s job to bring them to life. It is a bit of a shame that it will just end up being destroyed at the end of the film no matter how well they build it.

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