Original Star Wars -BTS, Outtakes, And More

Special Effects bringing the movie to life.


This photograph is a behind the scenes look at one of the original film’s most ground breaking contributions to film, its special effects. The scene in question is the scene in which Luke flies around the Death Star looking for his mark to destroy it.

They are currently working to make the explosions that are necessary to bring the scene to life. Many miniature models of sets, locals, and objects were utilized in order to make everything appear real. This is often called practical effects, where filmmakers utilize real objects and creative filming techniques in order to create effects without the use of computer generation or heavy editing.

This is truly one of the things that allow the original Star Wars trilogy to stand out in the modern age. While many science fiction movies tend to lean towards the newest computer generation in their graphics and effects, Star Wars used real life as their effects. While the new ones wither away and time renders their visuals less and less impressive as technology improves, no effect can be better than reality, so Star Wars’ effects still hold up superbly. The George Lucas created effects company Industrial Lights and Magic was responsible for such groundbreaking technology.

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